Welcome to Layout Solutions LLC

What we do

Layout Solutions provides personnel and technology to assist in layout efforts of nearly every construction trade, environment, and phase. From single trades doing underground work, to full General Contractor support, our business is to save time and profits lost on every project. 

Examples of services that can be provided:

How we do it

Construction Layout Solutions uses Robotic Total Station technology to facilitate our effort to assist in construction. Robotic Total Stations need two or more known locations that relate to the layout required, called control points in general terms. Once these control points are established, layout can be performed by as a few as one person, with an accuracy of up to 1/16th of an inch. Initial establishment of control points is critical to overall accuracy of a project. Establishment of our own control points is possible after a brief conversation, or an on-site visit, to establish how the project will be controlled.

Why us?

Construction sites typically contract a Licensed Surveyor to establish boundaries of the property that a job site will build on. Then layout of the project then typically moves to more traditional methods. These can include tape measures, string lines, transits, builders levels, and rotating laser levels. Robotic total station cannot, and should not, replace all of these methods. It can, however, supplement every method listed above. 

With that in mind, most companies will balk at the cost of the equipment and, more importantly, the cost of keeping a trained individual on the payroll year round. Additionally, the support structure to support using a Robotic Total Station can get costly. Layout Solutions can provide the same services for a daily rate, usually at a lower cost than building an in-house program from scratch.